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Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Season 4 Episode 6

This week the girls learn some new choreography with Supple, who has returned after training them in a previous episode. Alex and Aaron struggle with the dancing challenge, as do most of the girls except Stefanie who picked up the moves well. Yet, Stefanie did not win the challenge much to her disappointment, but was told she had a lot of potential. Ironically it was Alex who won, along with Rachael, Leanne and Catherine, who all performed their routine in a live concert.

For this week’s photoshoot, the girls are told they are to pose for an album cover, and one of them will actually be used. The girls had to pose in a white space in bikini’s, imagining they were at a beach. Leanne becomes very self conscious about her body, and Charlotte laughs through most of her shoot, much to the annoyance of the photographer.

Lisa Snowdon decided she would treat the girls and had arranged for The Bar Wizards -finalists on last years Britain’s Got Talent- to come and make cocktails. All the girls enjoyed themselves, but Aaron once again drank too much.

At the judging panel, the judges were critical of a lot of photos, but praised Alex and Stefanie, and announced Leanne was chosen as the cover. Martha, Rachael, Catherine and Lisa produced poor photos, much to the disappointment of the judges. Charlotte was heavily criticized by the judges for showing up to the shoot with a bad attitude. In the end it was Charlotte and Lisa in the bottom two, Charlotte for not taking the competition seriously, and Lisa for producing a bad photo once again. Lisa was sent home after being in the bottom two three consecutive weeks.

Episode Title: Drama and Performance

Air Date: 2008-05-26


Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Season 4 Episode 6