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Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Season 4 Episode 7

The models face an acting challenge which includes a steamy kissing scene with guest actor Guy Burnet. The acting lesson serves as practice, as they later go on to film a commercial for jewellery, in which two girls are chosen as feature roles. It is revealed later at panel that the chosen girls are Alex and Catherine. The commercial causes a problem for Rachael as it involves moving around a set of fire, which she is affraid of, yet on set she seems to have no problem at all. This annoys Catherine and she confronts Rachael back at the house, in which Alex sides with Catherine. This then provokes Stefanie into defending Rachael, leading Catherine into calling her two faced. Charlotte then attempts to defend Rachael as she is angered by Catherine when she tells Rachael she doesn’t like her facial expressions, Catherine retaliated stating Charlotte talks down to people. Leanne tries to calm things down and also defends Rachael, but is criticised by Catherine for being a ‘clown’

The photoshoot this week is a couture shot where each girl had to portray a different emotion.

Episode Title: Intelligence and Originality

Air Date: 2008-06-02


Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Season 4 Episode 7