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Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Season 4 Episode 9

First, the girls are put through a series of circus ‘acts’ including a tightrope competition and swinging from a trapeze, which Alex has trouble with due to her fear of heights. Later, Stefanie confronts Alex about how Alex speaks badly of her behind her back; a row ensues, leaving Alex and Stefanie’s friendship in tatters. The next day, the girls are asked to model dresses on plinths in London’s streets for an hour, changing their poses every five minutes; the task was won by Rachael, who got not only to keep her £1000 dress but also to invite two friends along for champagne (Charlotte and Stefanie), whereupon she was presented with a beautiful necklace worth in the region of £5000. Back at the house, Catherine and Alex decide to play a series of pranks on the three absent girls, including rubbing soap onto their toothbrushes, putting washing up liquid in Rachael’s deodorant and leaving Stefanie a note ‘reserving’ her washing up but clearing everything else up. Before they return, Catherine’s guilt gets the better of her and she disposes of the deodorant, but leaves the other pranks before pretending to sleep on the sofa with Alex. Upon the other girls’ return, they confront Catherine and Alex, only for Alex to deny it was anything other than a ‘harmless joke’, as well as both the girls denying they touched the others’ toothbrushes. Next, they are visited by Lisa herself, who reads them their Lisa-mail and presents them with 2 dresses each, whilst commenting Alex is not ‘girly’ enough. The girls then had to pose for beauty shots in Zandra Rhodes dresses, and under the designers direction, in the style of sporting events:

Episode Title: Stamina and Endurance

Air Date: 2008-06-16


Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Season 4 Episode 9